Inspired Spaces

Inspired Spaces: Vignettes

If you look up the word vignette in the dictionary you will find many definitions; but none define what it means in the world of interior design.

In interior design, a vignette can be described as a decorative scene, created to display a collection of objects that are evocative of your personality and/or design sense.

Here are a few tips and vignettes to be inspired by:

coffee table
Choose a Theme: It could be books, magazines, accessories, colors or items from an era you admire. The point of a vignette is to display what you love. Keep it simple; group multiples of at least 3 things that express your theme.

Form or Function:  The objects you choose to display can be functional, purely decorative or both. The choice is yours. In a bathroom, for example, instead of leaving toiletries on the counter; group them together on a tray for a decorative clean finish…

…or on your vanity or night stand to display family photos, jewelry, perfume bottles, your favorite flowers or candles.

Create Height: Include tall items, like a potted orchid or a vase of tall flowers to make your display dynamic. Stack books for an elevated surface to place small items on.

Add a Light Source: Include a lamp. It is a great way to illuminate your vignette, making it a focal point even at night.

Create Depth: Place your objects in front of a mirror to add depth and dimension to your display.

console 4
Add Color: Incorporate bright, bold pops of color to add vitality to your display.

console 3
Odd Numbers: Group several objects of similar height, size and shape in odd numbers to create visual interest and impact.

console 2
Include Artwork: If you have artwork, put it up!  Great works of art must be displayed. They add dimension, visual interest and character to a space.

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