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Inspired Space 2.17.2014

This month’s inspired space comes from the Brooklyn Penthouse apartment of former model, turned interior designer and blogger Athena Calderone.  Her simple yet chic aesthetic for fashion translates seamlessly into the interior design of her home.

The main space is open-concept.  The living room, dining room & kitchen flow into each other and the double height ceilings – not typical in NY city apartments – creates a sense of drama.  Athena’s approach to design is based on the idea of “no rules”;  which she executes perfectly in her home.  She mixes a variety of materials; like wood to add warmth; brass and other metal finishes for a touch of sophistication; and soft fabrics like linens and furs to add a natural organic touch to the space.  These elements combined makes her design well-appointed and cohesive.






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