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Built-Ins & Bookshelf Styling

Bookshelves aren’t just for books!
In fact, they serve as great vignettes – for displaying a multitude of items, both functional and decorative.

A few tips for styling your bookshelf

1. Book placement – arrange books and/or magazines both vertically and horizontally

2. Include decorative objects – ceramics, pottery, candlesticks, vases or even a stack of boxes

3. Add something natural – baskets, potted plants, a vase of flowers, seashells from your last beach vacation

4. For the kids – incorporate a mix of books with their favorite toys, stuffed animals, storage baskets, framed family photos and their artwork

5. Artwork – include artwork into your shelf scheme and add a special touch by propping up small pieces and even hanging larger pieces on the shelves themselves

6. Extras –  placing items in front, behind or staggering them on the shelves makes the display more dynamic and adds the illusion of depth to your shelving design

A mix of all these things add visual interest to any otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.

Bookshlef 3

Bookshlef 4

Bookshlef 6


Bookshlef 9Bookshlef 8

Bookshlef 11Bookshelf 12

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