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Highlights From My Week

Last week was my second week back at work after a lengthy four and a half month maternity leave. Needless, to say it has been an adjustment. I think surreal best explains how it all feels. However, work provides a different kind of structure to my days, so in some ways its good to be working again.  To manage it all I’ve challenged myself to not sweat the small stuff, to prioritize what’s important and to focus on punctuality.

The week consisted of painting Easter eggs (well mostly the egg crate), a mini fashion show featuring the kids, story time with daddy, drop off & pick up at school that included interesting conversations with a 4 year old, receiving flowers at work from the hubby, and stealing some time away during lunch for a manicure. We ended the week with Aaron’s first swim lesson!





Ralph Lauren, H&M Kids, GAP Kids, Nike






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