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Inspired Spaces: Kids Space

This children’s room just took me to a happy place.

Kids Space Blog

Kelly Behum, Elle Decor

When designing children’s rooms, I believe three principles should guide the design: fun, function and future.

A kid’s space should be fun, it should be a space they love to be in, a space that sparks imagination and keeps them interested.

It should definitely be functional, having a place for everything and everything in its place. Therefore, great storage and accessibility are essential.

Finally, future. I’m not a big fan of themed children’s rooms. I believe that the space should be somewhat timeless and grow with the child.


Here are some spaces to be inspired by:

kids space 1

SF Showcase 2016, Nest Design Co.

kids room 4

In the room of one of her daughters, a bubble chair adds a drop of wild style to the pared-down atmosphere. “She was very minimalist in what she wanted—white walls, no window treatments, no clutter.”

The Zhush, One Kings Lane

With next-level wallpaper having a moment, it’s hard not to consider the ceiling’s constellation paper, which glows in the dark, the ultimate pick.

The Zhush, One Kings Lane

Mitch Jacaruso, NYC

Dering Hall - Portfolios:

2 thoughts on “Inspired Spaces: Kids Space

  1. Wow, what beautiful rooms! Since so many parents in New York City apartments struggle to make small bedrooms work for children, especially when siblings must share spaces, it would be interesting to do a post about how parents handle that challenge creatively.

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