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Beauty: Swedish Dream and Organic Lip Balm

My new favorite thing is Swedish Dream – Sea Salt Bath Soap. I got it as a present last Christmas and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s packed with mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water. These salts are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin. Plus it smells great. Even my husband loves it, we use it everyday in the shower for an invigorating and refreshing wash. It’s also recommended for shaving – just lather up for a skin-healthy shave.  Best of all it’s Made in the USA!


Those that know me, know I don’t go anywhere without my lip gloss. My mother introduced me to C.O. Bigelow’s lip gloss/balms several years ago and I absolutely love them. My favorite is the Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener, it’s mint infused and provides a glossy high shine with a refreshing cooling sensation. They also come in “tints”, these provide a sheer hint of color.  I buy a bunch at a time, keep one in my desk at work, some at home and throw a few in various handbags just to have them handy where ever I am. I also try to buy organic when I can and just found out there’s an organic version. They retail for $7.50 each. I get mine at Bath & Body Works, where it’s 3 for $15.00 ($5 bucks a piece!).

CO Bigelow b502 CO Bigelow b604_blackorg500 CO Bigelow b1646

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