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Inspired Spaces: small space, BIG STYLE

Happy Friday!

Here are 10 tips to give a small space, BIG STYLE.
1. Focus on what’s important, in a small bedroom if you can, use a full bed instead of a queen. Centering it adds symmetry and frees up space for side tables or a desk. Also the use of bold colors add visual interest to the space.

hanging curtains
2. Hang ceiling-to-floor curtains, doing this adds an illusion of height. It also makes small windows seem larger and taller. Plus curtains are like shoes – they complete the look.

floating furniture
3. Bring furniture off the walls, float them towards the center of the space. Creating space beyond the furniture adds volume.

mirror 1
4.  Mirror, mirror…, Mirrors do many things for a space. They are decorative and functional. Most important, they reflect light and add depth of space, which makes a room feel expansive and spacious.

open shelves
5. Open shelves, provide an open airy feeling. They are great for display and storage. If you are going to do this it has to be neat and cluttered-free.

multi seating
6. Seating, create multiple seating zones using stools that double as coffee tables, arm-less chairs, benches and low-profile furniture. This  makes a small space exciting and versatile, especially when it comes to entertaining.

dining_kitchen banquette
7. Keep it light, fresh and uncluttered, bring light into the space whenever possible. Add a banquette for a compact soultion to seating and storage needs. Make sure everything serves a purpose. Unclutter the space, make it simple, clean and fresh, not fussy.

8. In a narrow space, push furnishings off to the sides and up onto the walls. This makes the space feel wider and frees up room for traffic flow.

mirrir 2 and clear console
9. Invest in acrylic or lucite furnishings, they are chic and modern. They also blend into the space and do not take away from the visual aesthetic.

gallery wall
10. Gallery wall, last but certainly not least. A wall of photos, paintings or other favorite things is another great way to give a small space, BIG STYLE.

One thought on “Inspired Spaces: small space, BIG STYLE

  1. Wow, this posting is filled with great ideas about how to think about and create spaces that are both functional and pleasing to be in.

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