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Closet doors!

When sealing the deal on our new place we knew some work had to be done to make it our own; from refinishing the floors, to painting the walls and installing closet doors in our bedroom. The previous owners used curtain panels instead of closet doors and while that might have worked for them, I knew we needed doors. Before moving in we made a point to do the floors and paint walls. But we ended up going a year without the closet doors.

During that time, I did my best to make the open-concept work. In one closet, I added an inexpensive shelving unit under our hanging clothes for shoes, bags and accessories. In the other, we housed our dresser with a bunch of odds-and-ends (this closet needs an entire make over- that is next on the list). Even with all this organization, our bedroom still looked cluttered and living in the space was somewhat unnerving.


DSC_0867 Why after a year of living in a place hadn’t we gotten our act together and installed the darn doors. Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying. We were highly motivated at the beginning; we visited websites and door stores.  But life kinda took over, and what was once a priority got put on the back burner. That is, until someone near and dear to us offered to gift us doors and said something that resonated with me: “you cannot feel settled and actually live until everything is in it’s place.” That was all the motivation we needed.

After reevaluating my wishlist, we decided to start with Lowes, with the thought of visiting higher end options if they didn’t meet our expectations. We spoke with the door specialist and scheduled an in-home consultation. For a small fee an installer took measurements and made recommendations to help us figure out what would work best in our space.  This service was fantastic because it took the pressure off us and helped to make the process easier.  For these reasons we ended up going with Lowes. The doors we choose were basic and after installation, I painted them white and added a personal touch with brass pulls.

Now a year after moving in, the bedroom closet doors are finally installed! And our bedroom received an instant face-lift. Having the doors have made a profound difference.

The finished product:

DSC_0375DSC_0360 DSC_0361DSC_0367

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